Sunday, November 27, 2011

Decorating the House

Wow I just do not know where the year has gone too. It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that I was still working and trying to prepare for the fall and winter holidays. But it has been over a year since I retired and this is the second Christmas since retiring.

I am in full decorating mode here and trying to get things sorted and up throughout the house. The main tree is up and rotating daily. I had been looking at rotating stands but no way would I spend the money they wanted for them. Cheapest I had found was $49.00 . Just did not need my tree to rotate for that price. Then a week ago I went to the Craft and Estate sale held each fall at the Senior Center. What to my wondering eyes should appear but rotating tree stands for $15.00 .I did a lot of questioning as I was just afraid it would not hold a large 8 foot tree fully decorated. I was told they sure do and you will love it. So I finally went back to the booth and bought one. I am so glad I did. I love the tree and being able to see all ornaments as it rotates merrily in a circle.

The Angel tree is just about finished. I've got a few new touches to add to it. Wanted it to stand out a bit more and think I have figured out just what will make it pop for me. I can hardly wait to see it it works so I can get pictures of my different trees to post.

I still have several trees to drag up the stairs and get decorated so I think you know what I will be doing this week.

I would like to share a few decorating tips I have found and will be incorporating several into my decorating this year.

Make multiple bows from pretty Christmas Ribbon and pin to your curtains or use on your tie backs for your drapes. Suspend pretty ornaments from matching ribbon across the span of your window.

Dress up your houseplants with Christmas Picks or add pretty miniature ornaments to them.

Pile A stack of Christmas Books on the side table or coffee table.

Tie ribbon around slim drinking glasses. Fill with Christmas candies and add to your side table.

Suspend sparkly snowflakes  from your ceiling or windows.

Sew scrapes of Christmas fabric into a patchwork table cloth buy stitching together 4" squares of various fabrics then hemming. Quick and easy and would also make a wonderful Christmas gift.

Purchase a large glass plate at a thrift shop. Paint the underside gold. Add several heights of pillar candles to it. Pretty for either a centerpiece on your table or use on your coffee table.

Glue candy canes with hooks up to terracotta pot. Tie with a red ribbon and add either wrapped candy of a pretty poinsettia to the pot.

Add color to your bathroom using red and green towels.  And to the bedroom by adding Christmas colors for blankets and pillows.

Fill a large vase with ever green branches and suspend ornaments from the branches. A good way to bring the fresh pine smell to your home  if you use an artificial tree.

I hope that some of these I have listed will give you as few new ideas in decorating your home for the Christmas Season.

Love this picture. I like how  vintage looking  it is. 
wouldn't it make a beautiful Christmas Card?

I hope that everyone is having a beautiful start to the Christmas Season.


  1. Karan,
    Love the image of Santa.
    Great tips!!
    A rotating Christmas tree would really be cool. Maybe in my Living Room.
    I am still decorating and had a melt down yesterday!! I guess I was just overwhelmed. I am not moving as fast as I used to due to a lot of leg pain and back pain. Plus I am trying to change things up a bit in each room which takes longer than putting every thing in the same spot as last year and I give each room a good cleaning as I decorate. I still have to do the hutch and doll house in the Den. And I still have the Powder Room. I will have to put the Powder Room off until next weekend as I am now working a 4 day stretch. I so envy you because of your retirement...
    Can't wait to see your decorations and all of you trees. How many do you do????


  2. Hey Karan!!!! WOW!!!! I'm exhausted just reading this - you are ONE BUSY LADY!!!!!! :) Love the extra ideas and pointers too!!! OH!! And... guess what..... YOU WON!!!! REALLY! For real this time.... (sorry about the mix up last week... but it must have been intuition...) YOU WON Giveaway #3!!!! Send me your address when you get a "break".... I'd love to get the prize off in the mail to you!!!

    Congrats on the great find! A rotating tree... hmm... I'm afraid I'd be in trouble... the back side of my trees are usually VERY bare due to lack of ornaments. But hey - it would make for a easy "before" and "after" tree...or perhaps "now you see it... now you don't" ... LOL!!!!

    GOOD JOB!!!! Love your blogs! And thanks for all the KIND words and encouragement you have given me! It truly means a LOT to me!!!