Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Christmas Countdown is on

 Well Christmas is less than two months away and here I sit looking for easy things to make for Christmas gifts. I love checking Pinterest for wonderful ideas for family and friends.

With several grandchildren to buy for I have been thinking of many ideas for home made that especially the Granddaughters could use. They are young adults as are most of the grandsons. 

Each year they all look forward to their mug and hot chocolate ( one grandson wants Russian spice tea instead of hot chocolate) so that is one thing I will do later in the season. 

Scarves seem to really be the in thing and in browsing Pinterest I find so many different scarves. I love the infiity scarves and think I like the idea of doing one in just 5 minutes. 

Courtney from Sweet C's Designs does just that. So I think I may have just found one of the gifts for the granddaughters. I know that two of them can really use nice warm scarves. One in Watertown New York  while her husband serves in the Army, and another in Marquette Michigan, way in the northern most part of the Upper Peninsula.

Do you not think this is a great idea for the younger generations. I might even have to make a few for me. 

Today's Fabulous Finds   had some great ideas for friends and neighbors.. We are doing a secret Santa at work this year for the month of December and are to give a small gift each week with a larger gift for the last day we will be working . I had bought some candles to use and saw this. How appropriate to use for one week. 

I love the saying.
May your days be happy, your heart be light, your Christmas merry and the New Year bright! 

I have the forms for doing several wreaths and bought a lot of different rolls and colors of the Deco Mesh. I enjoy the wreaths so much and you can decorate them in so many ways. 

Next to find things for the men and boys in my life. Did get John Deere fleece this week end to do a blanket for our oldest great grandson. He loves anything John Deere and wants to be a farmer when he grows up. His daddy works on a farm and takes Cadyn with him. He loves riding the tractor. Just all the older ones are harder to buy for. 

I have bought a few small gifts but hope to get it all done within the next few weeks. Last year I did almost every bit of it by the 1st of December and hope to this year also. 


  1. Just discovered your Christmas blog! I am a new follower! I have a Christmas blog, too, Come and visit! I am also a follower on pinterest!

  2. Karan,
    Thanks so much for all your visits!! I just got around to responding and I am at work right now.
    I have been working in the Den...organizing, purging and re-arranging....
    I now have that room completely done as I have gone through everything in it from Underneath the TV cabinet, the drawers of the end tables and even to what I had stored underneath the tablecloth of the table on which the doll house stands.
    This year, my mantra is organize, purge and get a handle on things in general so now I can say that I have one room done!!
    I do not know if or how much Easter decorating I will get to but I am not worried about it this year.....
    Thanks again for your kind comments!!
    We will be having a heat wave here this week with high's in the 40's!!
    Hope you have a good week!!


  3. Karran,
    Me again!! Just stopping by to thank you for your visits!!

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