Monday, November 30, 2015

A Christmas Start

Christmas is slowly showing up at the Cox Household. One tree is up and decorated and another one is up fluffed and half the lights are one it. This one I wanted white lights and thought I had brought all the LED lights over to the new house. Got 3/4 up the tree and guess what? Either the rest of the LEDs are at the old house or I may have them out in the shed here at the new house. We do not have electric run to our shed as of yet and when I discovered no more lights it was dark out.

The first of my trees was a new tree this year. I have actually bought three tree. Poor George keeps saying do you not think you have enough but out we go with another one.

 While cleaning out my dads place this summer I had brought a lot of Moms things home that neither of my sisters wanted. One was a sizable amount of Angel ornaments mom had collected for a small angel tree. This tree is a slim 7 foot tree so I needed lots of angels for it. I had not been able to find my angels till today so just added them tonight. Here is the tree before I added all mine to the tree.

I will have to get the tweaked tree later.
My angel tree I have done over the last few years was just a 3 foot tree. I did the first one the December after my mom passed away. Mom collected angels and I knew back then an angel tree was in order for our home in memory of her.

I lost my Dad in March of this year so now my tree is in memory of them both and so glad to have acquired many of their angels for my tree. 

We finely found the white lights I needed to match the strung ones on my large tree ( another new one)
 It is a larger 7 1/2 foot tree and larger around than the angel tree. This tree I decided to do in the red, green and gold I had done last year.

I used shatter proof ornaments and it really turned out well. We have a new fur baby and I was not sure how she would handle a tree of ornaments.

Here is Precious our new kitty.

She was really good about the first tree for 4-5 days then she turned into the She-Devil.
Seems she likes the bead garland. I do think she is doing better. I did not find it half down when I came home from work today.

She does like sleeping under the tree on the quilted tree skirt. Made me think of Tinker our kitty we had to have put down a year last May. He was at least 21 years old and was my granddaughters kitty we took in when she moved in with us about 11 years ago. He always could be found on the quilted tree skirt sleeping.

Well as for the second tree it is still standing and no beaded garland has been taken down but have to add that Precious has trid to climb this one. Swatted her with newspaper and she has not tried to do that again.

This tree I did by the sliding door  which goes to the deck.

The next tree I wanted up was my kitchen tree. George kept saying you have no place for your kitchen tree. But guess who won out. I have always used just a three of 4 foot tree in my kitchen which I had on the only cabinet that did not have an upper cabinet. I did not have this in our new home. They all have an upper cabinet. My idea was move the table away from the window and then there would be room to tuck it in the corner of in front of the window. I decided at the entrance to the hall going to my sewing/ craft room would work too but one problem there was that there was no electric plug there. Tomorrow I am moving the table out but for now the tree is safely tucked into the corner. George is eating on the other side of the table rather than where he normally set.

Tree number 3.

This tree is all done in gingerbread and candies.  .

We had our first snowstorm of the year so it really made the Holiday Season a bit more real.  Can you see the snow outside? So glad that we had done our outdoor lights last week before the weather decided to turn cold and dump 12 inches of snow on us. Yes 12 inches of the white stuff. Considering this was our first snow of the season that was a lot. Wish I could have gotten out early to get pictures of the house to send in my cards this year. It would have been the perfect picture all covered with white, with the wreaths hanging on the doors wand snow covered garland on the hand rails. The sun came out early and it looked like a million diamonds glistening throughout the neighborhood.

This is what our deck and front looked like from inside. This is about 5 in the afternoon and was still coming down hard.

My bird bath off the front steps of the house.

Looking across the front yard to the neighbors. Snow was coming down so fast at times you could hardly see the house . 

I do have to say it was very pretty out and sure do wish I had gotten out early the next morning for pictures of the house.

Now on to my 4th tree. Just got this one up last night. It is just a 4 foot but is a black tree. I put it in our master bedroom. Ornaments are silver, white and black. Was so excited to at last have a black tree. This is the third year I have done this tree.

I just brought another whole car load of Christmas from the old house so will be working hard to get it up I even sorted out a few things for grand kids to take.

In the morning I will be doing the main entrance way tree at the Adrian Senior Center so have several totes of things to take in there. This year I am doing a hand made Christmas tree theme and each ornament on the tree is a hand made ornament many of which I have received over the years in exchanges. I am excited to share my friends talents with our county seniors.

Then home to work more on our main floor level.

Going to be really busy after next week end as the basement walls will be a mudded and ready for the primer coat of paint. Then I have to paint them all before I can decorate the basement for our family Christmas. I am certainly looking forward to us all being able to eat all in one room and all having a spot at  table rather than some having to sit on the floor and use the coffee table as a dining table.

Everyone of our family will be here for Christmas other than the oldest granddaughter and her family. Military life keeps families apart for many holidays and this is the case with them. They will be missed for our first Christmas in the new house.


  1. Karan,
    I LOVE all of your beautiful Trees but the black one really caught my eye! Where did you get that one!! I am thinking Halloween Tree....
    I am so glad to hear that all of your family was able to celebrate Christmas together in one room! How wonderful for all of you!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!!

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