Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Can It Really Be Over

Wow where has this month gone. It does not seem possible that Christmas is over for another year. I guess as the saying goes " The older we get the faster time flies" I know that is sure holding true for me.

I do pray that you all had the most Wonderful Christmas Ever. We had a great time celebrating on Christmas Eve with family and friends. We were short just four members of the family. One daughter is suffering through a horrible bout of the flu and Grandson did not make it in time to get here so we will see him later before he must return to Camp Pendelton. My mother-in-law was not going to be home til yesterday from my sister-in-laws, and our youngest grandson has had the flu bug so he stayed home with the daughters boyfriend. But the house was full and everyone seems to enjoy themselves.I do not think one person could say they went away from the table hungry.

The late trip to town for the seasoning to inject in the turkey was well worth the time even if I did say I was not going into town on Christmas Eve Day at all. The turkey was so good. Thanks goes to my dear hubby George for deep frying it.The ham was done to perfection. And all the side dishes made for one great meal. Sure wish I had thought to take a few pictures of the table and all the good food. I guess I was more concerned in getting it all on so everyone could eat.

Did not take long to take care of the left overs and put the dishes to soak so the kids could open gifts. My dad was getting pretty tired so we gave him his as he was getting ready to leave.

He was a bit excited when he realized we had gotten him a big popcorn popper like ours. Dad loves his popcorn. It is now headed to Florida with him as of this morning. 

This is Ryleigh our Great Granddaughter checking out the Christmas Ornament on her package. Cadyn, her big brother is patiently waiting a gift from the tree. Also  in this picture is the kids mom Liz and dad Justin is in the plaid hat. Standing in the back though it is dark are my son-in-law Frank,  daughter Bridget, and friend of the family Shane. I was glad that Shane joined us. He just lost his dad in November and was not much in the Christmas spirit.Daughter Lisa is also sitting on the couch. She was rather tired out. Had to be to work early that day and the stores were busy with last minute shoppers. 

Three of the oldest of the Granddaughters are here. Holly, Brittany, and Kelsey. Holly and Kelsey are both Seniors this year and both been accepted to colleges . We are so proud of them. Brittany is a Junior and is studying at the Vo-Tec to become an EMT. She wants to go on to college to become and Ultra Sound Technician.

Behind the girls are son-in-law and daughter Cherrie, and stretched out relaxing hubby George. He was worn out from deep frying that turkey . 

This is Lisa again and grandson Brad. It sure does not take long for the Grandchildren to go up. Sometimes I really miss them as babies . But I am proud of what they are becoming. 

We had gotten the PJ's for Ryleigh and she stood right there upon opening then peeled off her pants and shirt and had to put on the PJ's. I never dreamed she would be so excited over a pair of pajamas. But here she is showing them off to us. Mom Liz and daddy Justin are laughing over her excitement of new PJ's.  

And as for the next picture. I think it tells it all.

George said he had to have a place to put his ribbon so here he is. We decorate it all around here. 

I hope your Christmas was as enjoyable as ours . 

And May I Wish You Each A Very "Happy New Year" May it be a year of rich blessing from above, love, luck and lots of laughter.  


  1. Looks as though everyone had a wonderful time! Guess daughter's name is Bridget too and I have a grandaughter named Kelsi (spelled differently), but still the same name! Isn't that funny! I'm glad all had a great Christmas!

  2. Yes, over for another year and January is nearly upon us. I was just dropping by to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for visiting my place and your special comments. I look forward to engaging more with you in 2012. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  3. I thought about you and wondered how you were doing, now that your favorite time of year is over once again.

    Looks like it was a wonderful time. Blessings to you - Marsha