Thursday, December 8, 2011

Its Beginning to Look like Christmas

That is one of my favorite Christmas songs. And I can not truly say that here in my home it is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas. I have got most of the decorating finished. A few touches to do here and there but  at least if it does not get done right away the house still looks festive.

Even  Cinnamon, Patches, and Peanut are getting into the Christmas spirit. Especially Peanut who likes to take the ornaments off our tree as fast as I can get them on. Needless to say she has spent some time in her cage so she is doing a bit better. Just one ornament off so far today and was one I made so I guess I can forgive her.

Here they are all decked out for the Christmas Season. I really wanted to get them under the tree but could not keep them altogether and get myself on the floor to get a good shot. May have to have George help me to get them there. 

I thought I would share a few of my decorations now and more in a later post. Walking in from our carport we have a large china cabinet. I decided rather than just decorating on top of it this year I could add a lot to the inside of it and keep knick-knacks sitting out to dust to a minimum The older I get the more I hate dusting. It stirs up the asthma more each year . 

Each shelf contains somewhat of a collection I have. 

On the top of the cabinet are several of our Santa's. These two on the right are from when the girls were small. The taller of the two sings Jingle bells and the shorter one walks around and will shake the bell he is holding

The taller one on the left side sings and his arm waves his light back and forth. The two ceramic ones were painted by my daughter and I when she was first married. The Christmas tree is one that I hot glued all the mini ornaments on I then added a few candles and just a bit of garland

One the top shelf in the cabinet are several of my angels. 

This  angel is one of my favorites made and given to me by a wonderful lady I had worked with years ago. 

The angel dressed in blue was a gift to my mom and made by my mother-in-law. The far right is my tree topper which I did not use as I used a smaller tree this year for my friendship tree.

 The little angel that is a candlestick was given to me just before Thanksgiving by my 14 year old Grandson Austin. He told his mom he knew I would just love her. And I do she is just precious. The gold glass angel was given to me by my boss when I worked at Hobby Lobby and the blue tone glass angel was a gift from my boss at the Senior Center. She glows when the lights go out and looks so pretty.  . 

On the middle shelf I put several of my Noah's Ark s I have in my collection. My original one I will do a post on at a later date. It was lovingly made for me by my husband . My mom had loved it so that we made one for her that year for Christmas. Several of my Arks were given to me at different times by my parents. Mom loved adding things to my different collections. 

This is one of the large ones I have and was given to me two years ago by a co-worker. She had found it while garage saleing and said she just had to get it for my collection. When I retired she gave me a large Noahs' Ark painting which I treasure.

Just a few more.

And on the bottom shelf of my cabinet are things that I love that belonged to my Mom, Grandparents, and Great Grandparents. Somehow having these out at Christmas time just helps bring back so many wonderful memories of them. 

Moms milk glass set. Creamer, sugar, salt and pepper, and vinegar cruet all on a little plate. 

Carolers on the right we given to my Great Grandmother for Christmas the last year she was living. She at the time was in the hospital with cancer. It is a vase in the back which I now have filled with a bit of spruce and holly. The two carolers on the right I found this year at a sale. They are just like the ones my Great Aunt had. I always loved them so just had to get these in memory of her. The silver candle holders belonged to mom. 

The ball filled bowl belonged to another of my Great Grandmothers. Grandma O'Leary passed away when I was just 11. She passed away on my birthday that year.  The blue carnival glass bowl belonged to my  Grandmother. It started my moms journey on collecting carnival glass. The tall pitcher in the back was given to me by my parents several years ago. It belonged to my dads boss who had taken my dad under his wing way back before dad was a teen. He gave my dad a job washing windows for his company and when dad retired he was owner of the company. Dad never worked anywhere but there. 

Now on to my wall tree and fireplace. The wall tree is a 4 foot tree and is all done in angels. My mom collected angels and after her passing a year ago this past May I decided I wanted my wall tree all in angels in her memory. 

There are so many different angels and I can not pick a favorite. But there is one special one on the tree that I wrote about in a post back in  July in my Holidays Blog. If you would like to read about how I can to have this angel this is the link .

I love this frosted angel. 

Love the colors of this wooden angel.

This angel is so sweet. A gift made for me from on of my on-line friends. 

This tree is hung over our electric fireplace. I have a nativity on the mantel. This is one of the larger ones in my nativity collection. Nothing more fitting over the nativity that a "Host of  Heavenly Angels"

This is my wreath to the left of the angel tree.

And to the right of the tree is a nativity picture I found last year at Hobby Lobby. I had my eye on it all season and when they reduced it to 80% off and it was still there I just could not walk by it. I love it. 

Now to my kitchen tree. 

This tree I do in gingerbread ornaments and a candy garland. 

This is my cocoa train running around the bottom of the tree. It was a gift from my oldest daughter and her family a few years ago. There is a cookie jar , cocoa container, marshmallow container and the caboose is a cocoa mug.

This is one of my favorite ornaments made by an on-line friend from Canada.

These are a few of my other favorites. 
I did the tree different this year. I had bought some deco mesh last year thinking it just might be useful in some way. I wanted this tree a bit more together looking so cut squares of the red and white mesh and tucked in throughout the branches. I like the way it turned out. 

This week end I will be posting a lot more of my decorations and trees. . I hope that you have enjoyed what I have done so far. 

I am looking forward to the Christmas Holiday. We have found out my Grandson will be able to be home on leave from the Marines. It may be the last Christmas for a few years having all the Grandkids under our roof. It seems the years have flown by and they are old enough to be scattering through out the USA. One in the Marines in California, another living now in Chicago while going to Grad School. Another  two granddaughters will be leaving for college next fall. Just do not know where the time has gone too. 

So I will enjoy  the Christmas Season to the fullest this year with the family all around me. 



  1. Oh, you're little doggies are soooo...cute in their Christmas attire! I send them a kiss! Karan, you have so many beautiful collections of decorations. I love your angel tree!! The gingerbread tree is also adorable. I love gingerbread men and snowmen! I'll be looking forward to more pictures. By the way, the idea of tucking in red and white mesh throughout the tree was a good one. Looks perfect with the gingerbread decorations. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I love your christmas website. Thank you thank you thank you! Merry christmas!!

  3. Your play list is awesome. I listen to it at night when I can't sleep. I have for the past month. The flying reindeer are awesome!!!

  4. Karan,
    I am stopping in quickly to say HELLO!!
    Everything looks so nice but I need to come back and visit for a bit which I will do tonight. I am having an OPEN House today for about 10 - 15 people and I need to get ready.But I just wanted to let you know that i haven't fallen off the face of the earth!!


  5. Your babies are adorable. You sure have a lot of Christmas decorations--love the Nativity picture..I have been looking for something like that! Hope your new year is happy!