Monday, December 26, 2011

A Few More Decorations

   The time flew by so fast this December and I was so busy I never managed to post the rest of the decorations. So today I thought I would share a few more including my other trees. I kept redoing trees this year and actually never got the main tree to my liking until just a few days before Christmas. I thought I took pictures with all the gifts and guess the Christmas Mouse must have hidden them from site as I sure do not find any . So you get to see that tree naked of gifts.

The big tree in the living room. This tree is the one I put on the rotating stand so it is decorated full all around each side. Loved the stand and can hardly wait to do my friendship tree with it next year. This tree is done with snowmen, snowflakes, icicles, and I used white deco-mesh  tucked in all around to cover more of the green. I had planned on using the white tree as the snowmen are usually on a smaller tree in the computer /sewing room off the kitchen. We can enjoy it while eating. George decided he wanted it in the living room this year. The tree skirt I made 3 years ago to use under the tree.

Our family of snowmen sit next to the tree. Boy the dogs sure barked at them the first few days. I guess they could not figure out what they were. 

I also took this picture before adding the mesh to the tree. 

I also revamped my angel tree and added mesh wired ribbon to it. I like it much better showing less of the green . 

I also added some of the gold wired mesh ribbon to the top of the mantel within the nativity. I thought it just made it look a little more elegant.

This is the tree tree I believe that a tree fairy dropped off sometime during the year. Digging through the boxes I came across this and do not remember buying it at all. Everyone else remembers me getting it last year after Christmas. But I sure do not. Was a nice surprise though. For this I used the extra balls, and poinsettias I had bought for the tree decorating contest at the Senior Center. Lime green, purple and teal colored.For the topper I just added two seeded bushes in lime green and a couple lavender curly clips. Next year I can add the other ornaments from the tree I did at the Senior Center. 

The next tree is my small table top tree . I did two of these. One is on top of the china cabinet with my santas and the other is sitting on the end table between my chair and Georges' chair. It is just a foot tall tree and just the right size for the table. 

All ornaments I hot glued onto this tree so next year will not have to redecorate it. I have a few of my old word Santa's around it. 

My kitchen tree  is just a 4 foot tree . I love gingerbread men so thus it is my gingerbread candy tree. 

I add my hot cocoa train to the bottom and love it to finish off the tree. 

I have added two trees in my bathroom. 

This is above the closet cabinet and is just an ice tree I bought a few years back. I have it with one of my nativities and have interspersed colored lights through out the arrangement. the lights reflect so pretty and lights the bathroom just enough to see at night. I do not even turn on the lights when I go in there. 

This is just a 2 foot  wall tree. I have just added a couple candle garlands to this tree. 
Adds a little Christmas touch to the bathroom I think. 

The guest bedroom tree is a 3 foot tree and just has a few ornaments. I am hoping to find more at the after Christmas Sales this week for this tree. I want it more vintage looking maybe almost Victorian for next years trimming.   

This is the tree in my computer/sewing room. I did not have the room for the full tree so used just the top two sections of my large tree. Next year I hope that I can use the whole tree . We have an exersize bike  to sell and I have given my cedar chest to my youngest daughter. That will give me a lot more room for my two trees there. I just added a big box under it to bring it up off the floor. George had built the box several years ago when we had kittens to keep them from climbing the tree. 

This ornament is one of my favorites. Several years ago mom had given me the silver set belonging to her grandparents. They were given the set in 1901 as a wedding gift. Grandma passed away in 1906 after the birth and loss of their 4th child. My grandfather was just 4 at the time. Though I treasure the set I wanted for others in the family to also get some enjoyment from it. A few years ago mom gave me a jewelry box full of her mothers jewelry. This would have been my great grandmothers daughter-in-law. One day in a magazine I discovered a picture of a memory Christmas Ornament. My mind clicked and I thought just how perfect this would be.  So I used a spoon from the silver set curved it over a medicine bottle to shape  and  went through grandmas jewelry and glued on a favorite earring of hers. I made one for myself and one for my mother and two others so each of my sisters had one. Now each year I remember family members who are just with us in spirit as I hang my memory ornament on the tree. 

This is  one of my oldest daughter made when she was just a small child. She may have been about 6 or 7 at the time. It was done at church  Sunday night programs for the kids. 

This is the youngest daughter. She was 3 or 4. I believe this was her preschool picture. 

And this is my middle daughter. It is her kindergarten picture. 
I treasure all these ornaments. 

This bird is also a favorite. it is from my childhood and was from the tree the year mom made dad spray our tree silver and she used all pink lights, ornaments on the tree. To this day I can picture that tree. I have no idea where mom found all the pink back then  but I sure wish I had it all now.

Almost all the ornaments I use on this tree are hand made. Hundreds of them made and exchanged with on-line friends I have met  and done exchanges with. I treasure them  and so wish I could share them all with you but I would be all of January posting each one. I actually call the tree "My On-line Friendship Tree" I think over the year of 2012 I will share several of the ornaments with you. 

Now for the final tree and the smallest tree I have decorated.  .

For years I had wanted a doll house when I was small. I never did get one. One year George bought me a kit for Christmas which we built together. It is totally painted but not decorated at this time and is sitting waiting to be done. A few years ago Hobby Lobby had one that sat in the needlework area. They had never carried that particular tree and had no idea why they had a model of it. So I talked the manager into letting me buy it so here is my farmhouse all decorated for Christmas. The tree is done in Noah's ark ornaments and red balls. What fun I had. 

And here is the front of the farmhouse. 

I hope that you have enjoyed  my trees for the year. I do have a couple I have not posted. One in the master bedroom. It is there but I never did get it decorated and also a fiber optic tree I do not decorate at all. It has candles on it and I am not sure what decorating would do toe fiber optic lighting. 

In closing this post I also want to post a couple more pictures of the corner cabinet George made me several years ago. I have angels from my collection on one shelf and a nativity from my collection of the top.  

I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas. It has been a great one in the Cox household even though we had some of the family members unable to be here because of illness and a couple not arriving here on time from travel but we will see them later. 

I want to take time to thank everyone this past year for visiting me and taking time to comment on my blog. I look forward to continuing on through 2012, meeting new people, learning new ideas ands sharing with everyone. 

May God Bless Each of You. 



  1. Your blue tree is beautiful Karen. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
    ~ Jonquil

  2. All of your trees are so nice and I love the snowman family! So cute! Happy New Year!

  3. Your home looks lovely! I love the special ornaments on your tree. It is so special to add those memories to our Christmas celebration - gone but not forgotten...